2024 Plenary Conferences

SEPTEMBER 18th – 9:00am to 10:00am

How can you make AI the most powerful ally of your customer experience?

In the midst of an accelerated adoption phase, companies are looking to integrate Artificial Intelligence and make the most of it. Numerous challenges lie ahead for professionals in terms of new customer and employee uses, as well as differentiation and competitive advantage. Among these challenges: organizing data, raising employee awareness, making the right technological choices, ensuring regulation, ethics and data protection… Discover at this inspiring conference the keys to deploying a robust strategy and making AI the best ally for your customer experience.

Moderator : Thierry SPENCER

This plenary will be moderated by Thierry Spencer, author of the reference blog Sensduclient.com and author of numerous books on customer experience.

Speaker : Mick LEVY

Mick LEVY is an author, speaker and Data / AI expert. He is Director of Strategy & Innovation at Orange Business Solutions.

SEPTEMBER 19th – 9.00am to 10.00am

Social networks and crisis communication: how to manage your brand image?

In the age of multi-channel communication and 360° communication strategies, brand image is expressed on all media and deployed on all networks. Each network has its own codes, targets and messages. So how can you avoid making the wrong mistakes? With the rise of influencer marketing, how do you master the codes of these new online presence techniques? How can you work on your brand image with influencers, while avoiding slippage? And if things do go wrong, how do you manage crisis communications in an environment where virality is the norm?

From best practices to expert feedback, come and discover the insights you need to secure your brand image on platforms.

Moderator : Isabelle LEIZE

Isabelle Leize is a journalist and animator with 25 years’ experience in journalism, communications and writing.
Throughout her career, she has diversified her skills and brought her personal touch to many creative and educational projects. She has conceived and written four books and two musicals, demonstrating her talent for storytelling and creating engaging content.
In addition to her writing work, Isabelle has moderated debates and roundtables for companies and festivals. Her experience as a speaker-coordinator at a communications school has enabled her to coach students and share her expertise in web writing and storytelling.
Isabelle has also collaborated with media such as France Bleue, TV Rennes, Ouest-France, Figaro Magazine and Télérama, producing quality articles for a variety of audiences.
Her passion for journalism has led her to work on a variety of projects, from writing corporate and biographical books to creating content for newsletters and magazines.
Her commitment, creativity and adaptability make her a consummate professional, capable of successfully completing a wide variety of projects.

Speaker : Caroline Mignaux – Entrepreneur, Speaker and LinkedIn Top Voice

Caroline Mignaux is France’s most influential Marketing & Sales personality.
Trained in Growth Marketing in NYC, Caroline specializes in growth strategies.
She is recognized as a reference in the field and is regularly invited to speak at conferences and seminars.
Caroline is a driving force in the French entrepreneurial ecosystem, stimulating innovation and sharing best practices. Her podcast “Marketing Square” is the leading Marketing Podcast in France, with millions of listens.
His strategic vision and inspirational leadership have propelled start-ups to success, and his coachees to leadership positions in their sectors.

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